Мик Джаггер обзавелся русской любовницей
73-year-old rocker cheated on pregnant girlfriend.

Мик Джаггер обзавелся русской любовницей

Mick Jagger


Masha Rudenko

Photo: Instagram.com

The new Yorkers had the opportunity
to enjoy strolling through the streets of the city a young pregnant mistress of a 73-year-old rocker
Mick Jagger. 28-year-old ballerina Melanie Hamrick, which should be a mother already
a couple of months, looks great. The last time Melanie has
lives in new York, where Jagger bought for her and her future children of a town house
for $ 8.5 million. This was stated by the reporter of the online edition of Daily Mail.

That Hamrik, which Mick began to meet in
2014, is expecting his child, was
known this summer. Then Jagger announced that he is not only not going
to marry Melanie, but did not intend to live with her and her future child.
However, Jagger has assumed the financial obligations to ensure their
next heir. He promised to pay Hamrick the education of the child
15 thousand dollars a month, until the time when he (or she)

Melanie is carrying his child, Mick wasted no time. As reported by the reporter
publications National
Jagger has managed to switch to a new beauty. Her name is Masha Rudenko, she was born in Russia and she’s 26
years, that is, the new girlfriend of rocker still two years younger than Henrik. She is a rising star
business model and experts are predicting for her a brilliant career. Recently Rudenko
posted on his microblog photos where she is depicted with Jagger and
hinted that this was her boyfriend. It is curious that Masha is almost 20 years younger
than Caris is the eldest of seven children