Мишель Уильямс помолвлена и ждет ребенка!

Michelle Williams was engaged and expecting a child from the Director of “Hamilton” by Thomas Kyle.
Michelle Williams and Thomas Kyle have worked together in the same film project “Fosse/Verdon”.
Four seasons was nominated for the award “Oscar” Thomas Cale. Also from reliable sources that the pair in the near future is waiting for replenishment.
According to an insider, the 14-year-old daughter Michelle Williams played the role of matchmaker. The actress and 42-year-old actor Thomas Kyle was depicted together in London, where she is at that moment engaged in a project, filming an upcoming American superhero movies “venom-2”. Williams was seen at the time of purchase of baby clothes in special baby store Seraphine in Kensington.

Мишель Уильямс помолвлена и ждет ребенка!
Actress their condition and the reactions from the producers of the film-making process “Columbia Pictures” is not yet in the press have commented.
Recall that the actress already has daughter Matilda is now deceased Australian actor and music video Director Heath Ledger, who died 22 January 2008. The body of Heath Ledger was discovered in his own apartment in Manhattan. According to the autopsy and numerous examinations failed to establish the cause of death: intoxication, caused by the action of strong painkillers and narcotic analgesics. The body of the actor was melted down and buried in his native Australia, at the farewell ceremony which was also a former partner Michelle Williams, and actress cate Blanchett. The photo below captures Michelle Williams with the late former partner Heath Ledger.

Director Kyle Thomas was invited to participate in the filming of “the Fosse/Verdon”, for which she received an Emmy award for the main role. The Director is a close friend of Lin-Manuel Miranda and staged musical “In the heights on Broadway.” He also won the Emmy award in the category of directing for the romantic film “grease: live”.
In the past Williams was Frank in search of love after the death of Ledger in 2008.
“I never refuse love,” she said in vanity fair in 2018 on their personal relationships. “I always say to Matilda: “Your dad used to love me, more than anyone thought he loved me for my talent, or beauty, or beautiful clothes on me”
While Williams kept his personal life a secret, she told one of the magazines that is more eager to help others.
“I really don’t want to talk about any of this. But what if there is someone who will help? “What if someone, who always traveled this way, and who fought as much as I struggled, and looked just how I looked, would have found something that will help them in a difficult situation?
She continued: “don’t settle. Don’t settle for something that looks like a prison, it’s hard or hurts you. If it doesn’t feel like love, is not love!”.

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