Michelle Rodriguez have taken drugs that alter consciousness

Мишель Родригез принимала наркотик, меняющий сознание

And then the living will envy the dead.. Actress Michelle Rodriguez took part in filming a documentary about dangerous narcotic drug Ayahuasca – drink that can change consciousness. in the tape entitled “Reality of truth” (“The Reality of Truth”), the celebrity spoke about his experience of substance use. Her confessions are shocking.

Мишель Родригез принимала наркотик, меняющий сознание
“When Paul (Paul Walker longtime friend and colleague Michelle on the film “fast and furious”, suddenly died in a car accident approx. ed.), the next year I did not live – I existed. I was looking for different ways to escape from loss and pain to distract themselves from the impermanence of life. I could not accept the loss of a friend and the truth of life, could not take snapshot of Paul’s disappearance from our lives. I was hiding from herself. After Ayahuasca I began to regret that Paul left me here. It was not his death I ceased to mourn his death and are just jealous of his death. I was hurt that he came first” — said Rodriguez.

According to Michelle, narcotic substance first seemed to awaken her, and then “destroyed her mind” and that she sees the worst the effect Ayahuasca.
“Paul was my soul mate. We could not see each other for months, but I was enough to know that he is, and he is near. When such a person disappears in your life, you first do not know what to hang on.. At that moment I realized that for me such a person simply does not exist. I asked myself: “What am I doing here? Why he left me here? “” — wondered Michelle.
Earlier in the interview, the actress have already said that after the death of his friend at the end of 2013 was very difficult. Rodriguez admitted that quenched the sorrows alcohol, from which “a little crazy”.
“A lot of what I was doing, I wouldn’t do if I were in his right mind,” said Michelle, and now we understand what it’s about.
Recall that Hollywood actor Paul Walker died in November 2013 crashed in the car in the suburb of Santa CLARITA near Los Angeles. Driving auto was a close friend of the actor Roger Rodas.

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