Михаль Негрин публично объявила о прекращении своей деятельности

Renowned Israeli designer Michal Negrin announced that it would stop its work on the brand Michal Negrin due to large losses. This chain of stores is very famous around the world, the woman created accessories, clothing and jewelry.

Михаль Негрин публично объявила о прекращении своей деятельности

Network of Michal Negrin in literally enveloped the whole world, that is why it is so popular. Most of the branches located in Israel, there are about 20 in major cities Tokyo, Singapore, Las Vegas, Paris including shops and production which will soon be closed. In Russia, this network is represented in St. Petersburg, and Makhachkala.

Today, 24 September 2019, all employees of the company received letters from the Michal. She apologized for what happened. Told that tried to save his business and even hired a financial consultant, but the debts were so large that all efforts were in vain. “I’m sorry. I followed my dream and failed” is a phrase from the letter.

The designer also announced the unpleasant news that all the money for the heyday of the company, were invested in its development, and at this stage she is left without a shekel in my pocket.

All branches worldwide will work yet until the sale. Once the inventory is over, the shops are closed forever. Today terminates only plant, located in bat Yam, who was involved in the production of goods by hand.

To create Michal Negrin began in 1988. It was then that she independently created jewelry and sold them on the streets of Israel. Product was different with bright colours that were not typical for the style, but well people reacted to him. Three years later, the designer was able to open his first store. To bring your product to the international level, Michal had to visit a lot of exhibitions with my jewelry. And only after participating in the exhibition Bijorhca in Paris, came to her fame.

Plant in bat Yam was established in 2009, which was a gallery of jewelry and also different cafes. Most people working at the company, were immigrants from countries of the former USSR.

The most famous and greatest thing created Makhal for your life is the crown for Queen Elizabeth II.

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