Жена Майкла Шина. Личная жизнь

British actor Michael sheen is a graduate of the Royal Academy of dramatic arts and a star of movies of the fantasy genre – have never been officially married, although he had numerous love Affairs. However, his relations with women cannot be called windy and short. Beloved actor, remember him fondly, noting his gentle nature, honesty and ability in all to find a compromise. A confirmed bachelor even managed to get offspring. The only daughter of Michael Tyre went in his father’s footsteps and also became an actress.

Personal life and women Michael Bus

In don Juan, the list of actor-heartthrob very often clever and beautiful women: Actresses, dancers, models. Each of them was worthy to become the wife of Michael brace, but none of them managed to get him down the aisle.

Kate Beckinsale

The long-term and productive relationship was Michael with actress and model Kate beckinsale. They met in 1995 at a rehearsal of “the Seagull” by Chekhov. A whirlwind romance that broke out on the stage, lasted for 9 years and has borne fruit: in 1999, the actors daughter Lilly Mo.

		Жена Майкла Шина. Личная жизнь

Photo: Michael sheen and Kate beckinsale

Despite the fact that they both cherished soul in each other, the Tires never made Kate an offer. He loved to repeat the phrase: “When you don’t return the book to the library, you start to feel it your own”.

		Жена Майкла Шина. Личная жизнь

Michael and Kate with my daughter

During the filming of “underworld,” Beckinsale had an affair with Director len Ousmanou, whom he then married. Michael realized his feelings vozlyublennoy and did not prevent her marriage. They parted as friends and continue together to educate the total child.

Lorraine Stewart

After a painful break-up with Kate beckinsale the star of the movie “Twilight” came into another long-term partnership. This time his choice was a British ballet dancer Lorraine Stewart.

		Жена Майкла Шина. Личная жизнь

On the photo: Tires and Stuart

She was not so famous as the previous common-law wife of Michael brace, but at home fans of the ballet knew her well and loved for the talent and beauty. The couple lasted from 2004 to 2010 year.

Rachel McAdams

The next girl fateful Briton was the actress Rachel McAdams. They met on the set of the fantasy romance “Midnight in Paris”. The working relationship quickly grew into a novel, and in October of 2010, Michael and Rachel got together to go out.

		Жена Майкла Шина. Личная жизнь

Photo: Michael sheen and Rachel McAdams

Their love affair lasted almost 3 years. In 2013, the actors broke up. The reason extinct of feelings, regular patrols and occasional meetings of the lovers.

Sarah Silverman

A new relationship for Michael is almost completely repeated the scenario of previous civil marriage. With his lover – an actress of the genre stand-up Shin met in 2014, the shooting of the series “Masters of sex”.

		Жена Майкла Шина. Личная жизнь

Tires and Silverman

Broke out the passion swept both: friends of the actor called this relationship the most vivid of all that was Michael with women. However, the end they put all those frequent separation and not matching schedules. About the break-up of civil marriage to ex-wife announced in February 2018.

Aisling BEA

After breaking up with Sarah the actor was depressed and did not want to communicate even with close friends. Familiarity with Aisling – Irish Comedy – back Tire for life. Now the relations of lovers are experiencing the honeymoon period.

		Жена Майкла Шина. Личная жизнь

On the photo: Aisling BEA

34-year-old darling of the stars crazy about your partner, and Michael responds to her the same. Fans of the actor hope that he will finally create a real family. They believe that the children of Michael Tyre and Aisling BEA could stimulate an incorrigible womanizer to enter into legal marriage.

Daughter Lilly Mo Tires

Lilly Mo Sheen – the only daughter of Michael sheen and his civil wife Kate beckinsale. To date, 18-year-old girl graduated from a prestigious private school Harvard Westlake and enrolled in new York University.

		Жена Майкла Шина. Личная жизнь

Kate beckinsale with her daughter

Despite the efforts of Lilly’s Mo to a serious profession, her acting genes are not asleep.

		Жена Майкла Шина. Личная жизнь

Photo: Lilly Mo Tires

The girl has managed to do 3 paintings with his mother and is not going to stop there.

		Жена Майкла Шина. Личная жизнь

Michael sheen with his daughter (as a child)

With his father, the young actress is in a warm relationship. Michael sheen, live in the UK and frequently visits his daughter and supports her in all endeavors.

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