Михаил Турецкий во второй раз стал дедом The eldest daughter of the musician gave him a granddaughter. Michael Turetsky accepts congratulations with the new addition to the family, and young mother Natalia Turkish have already shared in the microblog the first photo of the newborn baby. “The days in the hospital with baby – leisure in the resort”, – shared his impressions of the daughter of the Maestro, which is still in the clinic.

      Михаил Турецкий во второй раз стал дедом

      Great news with the subscribers of his microblog shared the famous musician and producer Michael Turetsky. The eldest daughter of a celebrity Natalia Turkish recently for the second time became a mother, giving his father an adorable granddaughter. “It is finished! Natalia Turkish double-mother!” – enthusiastically reported in the microblog happy grandfather Mikhail Turkish.

      A new addition to the family is known to have happened on may 25. The newborn baby was born in the clinical hospital “Lapino”. The professionals of elite maternity hospitals trust to make his heirs a well-known mommy. “So I looked in the morning, and now my happiness, – has signed a snapshot, which it captured even with the belly, Natalia Turkish. – KG “Lapino” is a place where dreams come true”.

      Михаил Турецкий во второй раз стал дедом

      No details about newborn daughter on Instagram the young mother did not tell. She only shares her emotions about accomplished a great event and thanks for the gifts, flowers and greetings to their loved ones. In addition, Natalia has managed to share a heartwarming snapshot of the first daughter, which you can see gentle infant legs, dressed in a dazzling white socks.

      A newborn babe and her mother, apparently, feel great, but are still in the clinic under medical supervision. Natalia enjoys the first days with a young daughter and compares hospital stays with a stay at the resort.

      “As noted by one of my favorite double the moms, and only moms who have more than two children will understand me now: days in the hospital with baby – leisure in the resort”, – wrote Natalia Turkish in Instagram, alluding to the fact that after returning from the clinic she wouldn’t relaxations.

      Natalia at home with her daughter waits not only her husband Dmitri, but the son Vanya, who in January was two years. The boy is the only heir of Michael Turkish male. As noted by the producer, he lives in the female realm, because he has four daughters, and he always dreamed of the heir. It is known that Turkish doted in his children and grandson. He arranges for them luxury holidays, gives gifts, and pays maximum attention. Obviously surrounded by loving and caring parents and his famous grandfather will grow and the newborn granddaughter of the Maestro.

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