Michael Turetsky gave her grandson a zoo

Михаил Турецкий подарил внуку зоопарк The famous musician gave a Grand feast in honor of the birthday three-year Vani. Michael Turetsky chose for the baby gift. The whole family of the actor gathered in a festive day to spend time together.

      Михаил Турецкий подарил внуку зоопарк

      Michael Turetsky celebrated the third anniversary of the grandson Vanya. To congratulate the boy hurried not only relatives but also all of his friends. First celebration was arranged in a kindergarten, and then continued the celebration with family and friends. On this day all the guests were happy with children’s animation, live parrots and a monkey. A huge birthday cake was decorated with figures of various animals.

      The famous grandfather gave beloved grandson a Lego zoo. He decided that such a gift can surprise a boy who is happy exploring the world and especially loves animals.

      “Vanya now he is actively interested in animals, so the gifts at this day happened to be themed. My husband was given a set of different dinosaurs,” – shared his impressions of the eldest daughter of the Turkish Natalia.
      Михаил Турецкий подарил внуку зоопарк

      Usually a family celebration all families are trying to come together. Holidays become the perfect excuse to break away from everyday Affairs and to see each other. The birthday of the little Vanya is no exception.

      Michael Turetsky adores his grandson. The fact that the musician has four daughters, but because of the little Vanya became the first heir-a boy born in a famous family. “I always dreamed about a successor, but it so happened that before I was surrounded by exclusively female realm. And finally, the eldest daughter Natasha was a delight to me, having given birth to a lovely grandson, Vanya,” said Mikhail Turetsky.

      The musician does not skimp on gifts for their loved ones. Not so long ago, his daughter Sarina celebrated the anniversary – 20 years. Grand celebration lasted for several days, and the Pope gave the girl a truly luxurious gift – a new car. The Turkish daughter was overjoyed. Moreover, the hero of the day, this day got a huge number of bouquets of congratulations, and the celebration ended with fireworks in her honor.