Michael Turetsky gave her granddaughter a gorgeous dress for the wedding

Михаил Турецкий подарил внучке шикарное платье на свадьбу Little Lena is one year old. The whole family gathered at the Turkish restaurant to wish the birthday girl happy birthday. The outfit that grandpa handed the girl, she will be wearing to the wedding of his aunt in August this year.
Михаил Турецкий подарил внучке шикарное платье на свадьбу

In the family of the leader of the art group “Turetsky Choir” Michael Turetsky today is a special occasion. His granddaughter Elena is one year old. Today is his first birthday granddaughter Mikhail Turetsky Elena. The star family gathered a narrow circle to congratulate the baby.

The celebration took place in the restaurant, which was decorated with flowers and balloons. Specially for the birthday girl cooked tender butter cake. Guests were entertained. At the birthday party was attended by the famous grandfather of the baby Mikhail Turetsky, his wife Helen, parents of Lena, Natalya and Dmitry, and the aunt: Emmanuel, Beata and Sarina with her fiance.

“We have prepared for Lena themed gift, – has shared with “StarHit” Mikhail Turetsky. Is the dress that Lena will appear on the wedding Sarina. The ceremony will take place at the end of August. Lena we have a Princess, and because an outfit like out of a fairy tale”.

Parents gave Lena a gift of silver earrings. In a year old little girl already has pierced ears. The last few months in the family of a Turkish eventful. In April, Michael celebrated the anniversary, which took daughters Beate and Emma to Star city, where the famous cosmonaut Alexei Leonov showed the girls the space ships.

Michael Turetsky put the kids in a space ship

“I never wanted to be an astronaut. But a lot of respect for people of this profession. To fly, you have to do at the gym for at least two hours every day. But to get a themed gift is always nice. The more missiles I give on the next birthday, the stronger the feeling that our music can hear in space. I even have a mini”Soyuz-Apollo” – said the Turkish “StarHit”.

In early may, the artist took part in the concert, which was held in the framework of the project “Songs of Victory” in Berlin. Michael admitted that it was an honor to participate in the memorable event, as the stories of relatives he knows how difficult it had many families during the war.