Michael Turetsky addressed the residents of Berlin with a musical message

Михаил Турецкий обратился к жителям Берлина с музыкальным посланием People’s artist of Russia gave a free concert on one of the most beautiful squares of the German capital. In the center of a European city, everyone could hear the songs of the war years and to celebrate the Victory. In recognition of Michael Turkish, he dreamed about this performance for several years.
Михаил Турецкий обратился к жителям Берлина с музыкальным посланием

Today on the occasion of the celebration of the Victory of the famous groups of “Turetsky Choir” and SOPRANO under the guidance of Michael Turetsky gave a free concert in the Central Gendarmenmarkt square in Berlin. The performance was held in the framework of the project “Victory Songs”. Among the guests were the Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky, the official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova, the Russian Ambassador to Germany Vladimir Grinin, General sponsor of the project “Victory Songs”, the representative of the Kartina.TV Andrew Reich.

At a press conference held before the concert, Mikhail Turetsky said that long dreamed of performing in the German capital with songs familiar to him from childhood.

“It’s an incredible happiness for us, but also a great privilege and luck. This idea came to me ten years ago, during conversations with my father — the participant of breaking the siege of Leningrad called to the front during the first years of the war. He fought for four years, ended the war in Berlin in 1945, and then in a few months, on foot came to Moscow”, — said the musician.
Михаил Турецкий обратился к жителям Берлина с музыкальным посланием

Turkish father considered himself lucky, because not all recruits returned home after the end of hostilities. “Dialogues about the war background was present in our relationship with him. Especially when I became an adult,” recalled Michael.

Since the end of world war II, it took more than seventy years. Michael Turetsky expressed the hope that his speech on the square in the center of Germany’s capital will become a “cultural bridge” between the two countries.

As part of the concert sounded sincere and touching songs about life, peace, friendship, and heroism and, of course, love, from the poignant “Buchenwald alarm bell” to all your favorite “Katyusha” and “Darkie”.

Participants of the concert, the musicians of the groups “Turetsky Choir” and SOPRANO, as well as representatives Kartina.TV in a solemn ceremony congratulated the veterans, who were able to come to the concert and presented them with gifts.

The project “Victory Songs” was created in celebration of the 70th anniversary of the Victory in the great Patriotic war and implemented in 2015 in Moscow, on Poklonnaya hill, collecting a record number of spectators – 150 000 people.

This year the event was held in Berlin because this city is also a cultural symbol of victory. It was in Berlin may 8, 1945 was signed the instrument of surrender of Germany, and a few days later on the streets were the red Army Choir under the direction of Alexandrov. “Songs of Victory” in Berlin is a virtual bridge between the two centuries, historical retrospective.

The action was held with support of Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, the State Duma, the Russian military historical society, Moscow Department of culture, Embassy of Russian Federation in Germany and personally Grinin, Vladimir Mikhailovich, Charity Foundation I. I. Savvidi, a Russian Jewish Congress and mayor of Berlin Michael Muller.