Michael Shufutinsky: “Grandchildren of the old man does not need”

Михаил Шуфутинский: «Внукам старый дед не нужен» 13 APR famous singer celebrates anniversary. Michael Shufutinskogo is 70 years old. On the eve of a significant date, honored artist of Russia told to “StarHit”, like sitting on a diet and why he wants to sell the house in Philadelphia.
Михаил Шуфутинский: «Внукам старый дед не нужен»

Its 70th anniversary Michael Z. will be celebrated on April 13 in one of capital restaurants in a circle of two hundred friends. On the eve of the anniversary we met a famous musician in his posh house with a swimming pool in the village of Sapozhok in the South-West of Moscow. Dressed in a homemade costume, anybody waiting for me in the office, courtesy of a chair being pushed back, offers tea. “Today rarely find that kind of gallantry”, – I note. “Yes, more rude, – the actor agrees. – People stopped to watch the language. Respect others and seek the same treatment. Sometimes, in the store at the checkout kindly say Hello, and the seller even eyes you don’t pick up, muttered something under his breath. Such coldness unpleasant.” “That you probably not talking about Russia now, they say incredulously. – Here on the shopping you not let pass”. “There is, every selfie please” – smiling star.

And you don’t mind?
Михаил Шуфутинский: «Внукам старый дед не нужен» No, of course, that’s part of my job. Denied very rarely, when they don’t want me captured, which does not really like. Sometimes got off the train, after spending a sleepless night shivering in the car, and on the platform are waiting, require a photo for memory. By the way, I’m from the increased attention is not very happy.
But Instagram you still have almost two years…
Михаил Шуфутинский: «Внукам старый дед не нужен» Yes, started without a purpose. First page has been sluggish, and then friends, Sasha – Marshal and violent, began to ask: why in the account nothing happens? Explained that there is no time to engage in the promotion page. Comrades advised to hire a person. Young-girl expert quickly revived my Instagram. But I’m not a PR, does not report to him about every action, not to brag saying that I bought these boots and a trendy hat… —
Michael Z., is the listing: clothing stores because the stars say it, the caps give free. Artists earn.
Михаил Шуфутинский: «Внукам старый дед не нужен» Seriously? I didn’t know. Think it is good. Generally, to get money without doing dirty tricks, honorable. And then all benefit: subscribers wishing to purchase the hat, and boutique who needs to sell, and celebrity-the mediator… All reasonable.
And the Internet mastered?
Михаил Шуфутинский: «Внукам старый дед не нужен» Of course, I’m still a living person. Read the news, watch what is happening in the world of music. Texting at work and with friends in WhatsApp. Look what’s new on my page in Instagram again. Or, sometimes, do not know how a word is spelled, e.g., “angry”: with two NS or one. I go to a search engine, Google.
Михаил Шуфутинский: «Внукам старый дед не нужен»
By the way, about the angry. In one interview you noticed that angry when Amateurs climb with your opinion. Hard you probably live in the Internet age, when anyone can write “I believe…”?
Михаил Шуфутинский: «Внукам старый дед не нужен» I am not against criticism in General. When a person expresses thoughts on the matter, listen. If disputes, but without rudeness, say, trying to explain his position. But if tactless roll in nasty things, wanting to hurt, on my back. —
Back to the topic of money. Many colleagues on the stage are not limited to music, open restaurants, shops… you don’t want to follow their example?
Михаил Шуфутинский: «Внукам старый дед не нужен» Why? I have enough for everything. God forbid, that everyone lived like I do! Private aircraft and ships I don’t need, and so can any class where you want to go and swim. Such a property is rather a burden, it is expensive to maintain. Once in America I had different types of businesses, and I’ve learned: they can only be successful provided that you keep them engaged. Now is no time, every minute I devote to music. Perhaps that is why my concerts are always Packed and people come with enviable stability. Some cities are twice a year. Ask from the stage: who was the last time? A forest of hands! Therefore, in order to remain at the level you have to work and not to be sprayed. You can, of course, for a nominal fee to become the face of the restaurant, for example. But if it is written “By Mikhail Shufutinsky”, will have to personally supervise everything, including menu, I these things a scrupulous man. Otherwise the shot can be reputation.—
In Philadelphia, where together with his wife brandi and four children – 21-year-old Dmitry, 16-year-old Noah, 9-year-old Zachary and 6-year-old Hannah is alive and your son Anton, are often?
Михаил Шуфутинский: «Внукам старый дед не нужен» Three to four times a year. But a lot to communicate with their grandchildren does not work. Senior constantly in the classroom, and then works the seller in grocery shop – earns the candy. Average studies in Washington. The youngest go to school. When visit them, have dinner together in a restaurant, go to new York, check out the construction – 2.5 years ago, not far from the house and Anton and I started to build another one. But his fate in the future is unknown: they wanted to live there, and then I realized – you can’t. America is a wonderful country, well I accepted, but she changed a lot. I was born in Moscow and my place is in Russia. In the United States has absolutely nothing to do. But relatives who don’t always need much adult grandpa (have to look the truth into eyes), I have no one. So the house in Los Angeles sold. During the visits they like to live in the hotel. It’s more convenient. It is not necessary to have a huge number of personnel.—
And with his eldest son David, his wife Angela and their three children spend more time? They’re in Moscow…
Михаил Шуфутинский: «Внукам старый дед не нужен» Of course! But still less than desirable. David’s always on the move, he has his own record company. Granddaughter she is 12, she loves to visit grandpa at the cottage – so she calls my house. Anya is engaged in painting, studying at school with profound studying of the Spanish language. Nine-year-old Mike goes to the same. Plus he attends the second class music school at the Conservatory. Tchaikovsky. Often at his speeches. The oldest, Andrew, will soon turn 21. He is studying in Los Angeles, is engaged in computer graphics. —
You simply grandfather, or grandchildren of you twist a rope?
Михаил Шуфутинский: «Внукам старый дед не нужен» Try them nothing to prohibit – this is for parents. Every family has their own way of life, prefer not to meddle with its rules. Guys come to me to relax, but not for education lessons.—
What gifts they are giving?
Михаил Шуфутинский: «Внукам старый дед не нужен» Useful recently bought a Junior membership to the fitness center. Sometimes directly asked: “Anya, what do you want for your birthday?” And she said, “I don’t know… Maybe the album Picasso or headphones?” Often, of course, interested in my son and daughter that it is better to give. Grandchildren give us the money – I ask Anton to write Dimitri or Noah check. They decide what they need. About younger also consulted with Anton. The last time it was presented to the male designer, Hanne – dress.—
See on the table are vitamins. Follow the health?
Михаил Шуфутинский: «Внукам старый дед не нужен» Yes, I try 3-4 times a week to swim in the pool under the guidance of coach, she has long been with me. Working on all muscle groups and the spine should be supported to not disappoint. Sharpen different styles – breaststroke, butterfly, crawl, backstroke… eat Right. Now, by the way, sitting on a diet, lost already two sizes. Abstain from sweet, flour, fat, deleted the salt, alcohol. Will continue this torture until concert costumes I will start to hang out. And then allow the extra – week, month, year, then suffer: bend over hard, and shortness of breath. Losing weight is not easy, I must confess, I love to eat. Remember, at the first meeting the nutritionist said, “I Love fried potatoes with a piece of meat, salsa, pickles and vodka?” Answer: “Of Course.” And he said, “Now you’re not those things”. I had to get used to cereals, light soups, steamed vegetables. Now I can wear things that a few years from the closet. But for the sake of the anniversary, of course, will make an exception – hard to get a drink, walk, dance. By the way, your concert at “Crocus city Hall” April 15, invited friends – Alexander Rosenbaum, Tamara Gverdtsiteli, Alexander Bujnov, Lev Leshchenko, Stas Mikhailov, Mikhail Turetsky choir Sing a duet with them.—
You always look smart. Buying their own clothes?
Михаил Шуфутинский: «Внукам старый дед не нужен» You can ask family to buy socks, t-shirts, but the big things – suits, shirts – prefer to measure. Depends on how I feel in life and on stage: if you look in the mirror and satisfied with the reflection, go out to people and I feel that you like them.
Михаил Шуфутинский: «Внукам старый дед не нужен»
How do you relax?
Михаил Шуфутинский: «Внукам старый дед не нужен» And I do not strain! But, to distract myself, read books, listen to music. The house is always something to do. I have all the bookkeeping, home, and work. A lot of sitting at a computer – mounted video search through a bunch of musical material… But when the guests arrive, things fade away – partying hard. Try to live to the full. I do not see myself an old grandfather, who walks across the lawn with a stick.—
You are on the stage for almost 50 years. She somehow changed?
What is happening today on the scene, is not considered a stage. For me it’s something else. Previously made by artists of different genres: entertainers led performance, the musicians played, the singers sang live, played gymnasts… Some showed tricks, sang other Patriotic songs. Staged concerts to everyone interested. It wasn’t the artists focused on themselves, not “worried” as described now. Perhaps it is also the right approach, I don’t know. Don’t like to judge anyone and talk bad about people – is a rule I have for nearly 70 years.