Michael sheen is not going to go into politics

Майкл Шин не собирается уходить в политику

Last weekend, the Western media spread the news that one of the leading actors of the British Michael sheen intends for some time to leave her acting career for politics.

In politics the star of the movie “Passengers” decided to go to fight with far-right populists, which Michael likened to the German Nazis of times of the 1930-ies.

Today Shin denies the words of the media, insisting that he was misunderstood.

On his Twitter page the actor posted a message in which he said he was not going to leave Hollywood, however, in the political life of their country to participate, he will still be.

“The interviewer asked me what it would mean for my career, and I replied that might be less work as an actor and maybe in some point for a while will cease to act. But I do not know”, said Michael sheen.