Майкл Шин призывает мужчин разговаривать о менструации со своими дочками

50-year-old Michael sheen has starred in advertising campaign #Pads4Dads, which called on men not to be afraid to talk with their daughters about reproductive health. The star of the movie “Twilight” and “Another world” drew attention to the problem of stigmatization of menstruation. Developed the advertising company Hey Girls, which manufactures personal care products for girls.

“I have a daughter. I, like anyone else, you know how difficult it is to start a conversation about it. But that’s okay. Hey Girls can help fathers to avoid the stigmatization of menstruation and help in the purchase of personal care products for daughters. Let’s not exclude fathers from this conversation,” says Shin in advertising.

The actor compared personal hygiene products with your favorite foods. “If you go shopping with your daughter, you probably know what foods she likes, right? But when it comes to pads and tampons, you have no clues”.

According to statistics Hey Girls, 45 percent of dads do not know how to determine that their daughter started menstruating. 41% of dads said that they feel comfortable talking about menstruation with their children, and almost half of them do not talk about them with their daughters. And every third dad never bought pads, tampons, or menstrual cups. This statistic based on a survey of men in the UK.

Recall that few people know, but early in his career actors Kate beckinsale and Michael sheen were a couple.

During the relationship the pair, which lasted eight years, they had a child together – daughter Lily Mo. Into the light a girl appeared in 1999. Somehow the stars original congratulated daughter and her 17-year anniversary.
In the picture 1999, we see Beckinsale tired but happy. Tires looks like the Mad Hatter, however, the eyes of newly minted dads burn.

The picture of 2016 is slightly different from the original. Looks blooming Kate, aged Michael and noticeably grown-up Lily Mo.

“For me, always a child” — has left a signature for publication, the actress.

Though mutual happiness, the couple did not work, they are, as we see, communicate and joyful moments of life are in the company of each other

Just after a couple of months after breaking up with the Bus, Kate is engaged to Director who starred her in “a different world” flax Azmanov. last year it was announced about their separation.

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