Michael Schatz was in the hospital

Михаил Шац попал в больницу Famous actor turned in one of the hospitals of the capital. According to some reports, the entertainer was diagnosed with a serious disease. However, the Schatz told reporters that it will soon get better.

      Today in mass media there was information that Michael Schatz was in the hospital. Showman felt unwell and had to go to the doctors for help. According to journalists, Schatz came to a medical facility on their own. TV presenter and actor complained of high fever that lasted a few days. A celebrity was diagnosed with pneumonia.

      In an interview with reporters Michael Schatz confirmed that at the moment undergoing treatment. He also said that picked up the viral disease. However, according to Schatz, with him, nothing terrible had happened.

      “Yes, I was hospitalized. A little cold, I’m fine”, – said the showman.

      Recall that Michael Schatz – TV presenter, showman, actor of theatre and cinema. Became famous after participating in the WHC. Many viewers remember the novice comedian thanks to his striking role of the doctor and the music room of parody “Gluconates”. In the mid-1990s, Schatz moved to Moscow, where he tried in vain to get to work – anesthesiologist-resuscitator. In parallel, Michael was up with colleagues the project “O. S. P.-Studio”, which is considered one of his most popular and commercially successful programmes. Under this transfer took a famous series “33 square meters”. At different times Michael Schatz was involved in such projects as “South Butovo”, “Very Russian detective”, “My fair nanny”, “Casual relationships” and “Thank God you came!”.

      Wife of the popular showman – TV presenter and actress Tatyana Lazareva. The celebrity wedding took place in 1998.

      Note that Michael Schatz carefully watching their health. In an interview, he talked about the fact that training in the gym is an integral part of his life, he tries to maintain a healthy body at least three to four times a week. According to Schatz, he visits them in any mood, even if he feels emotional decline. Showman also told that he prefers to deal not alone with the coach. In recognition of Michael, the lazy way it to motivate yourself to regular work, so it needs constant “pushes” from the side.

      At the moment, Michael Schatz is assigned therapy. According Life.ru, TV presenter and actor is in the VIP room.