Майкл Фелпс проиграл и женится

After the legend of the voyage was overtaken by a young Singaporean, Phelps decided to settle down.

Recall that invincible Michael was hoping to take the gold medal in butterfly swim 100 meters and thus collect all the gold in the Olympic games in Rio, but failed. The legendary swimmer has overtaken 21-year-old Joseph Schooling from Singapore. Phelps, apparently, realized that no wonder there was talk about retirement, and said he intends to devote himself to the family, namely to get married!

For nine years Michael meets with the winner of the title “Miss California Nicole Johnson. Last year the couple even announced their engagement, but from the altar again, Phelps swam in the pool. Even when it became clear that Nicole is expecting a baby, the athlete was not in a hurry with the marriage. Here it was possible to think that Nicole herself does not want to get married, being pregnant, however, the case was again in Helpse. What is a wedding? Michael is too busy preparing for the Olympics in Rio.

Even when three months ago came to light the first-born pair, for Michael it was the occasion to finally marry the mother of his son.

Who knows how many else would Phelps have postponed the wedding. He said earlier, that will finish sports career, but he’s home and delivered to Rio. Perhaps if the Olympics ended for Michael absolute victory, he would never have dared to retire from the sport. But Providence, apparently, intervened. Phelps, to his surprise, yielded first place to the young swimmer and in interview to TV channel NBC has declared that leaves sports for the family.

Joyful Nicole immediately told the American publication that they have already set a wedding date! The ceremony will be two – chambered only for their lush and, Yes, such that it will tell the whole world.

Let’s hope that this time, Phelps will not swim away from the marriage.

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