Michael Muromov lives on a pension

Михаил Муромов живет на одну пенсию Known to the contractor only receives 15 thousand roubles and small royalties for the use of his songs in various projects. The actor told reporters how he learned to exist on this money.

      Михаил Муромов живет на одну пенсию

      Performer Michael Muromov, who became known for their hit “Apples on snow”, now performs. Gone are the days when the star was invited for concerts and corporate events. Like many celebrities, has lost its former popularity, the artist is faced with the problem of earning. Muromov lives on a pension and royalties for the use of his songs in theater and film.

      “I have a wonderful pension of 15 thousand rubles. If it gently to spread out and eat modestly, you can live. However, it is unclear why the rent is rising constantly. And I especially spend money. I’m perfectly calm man: I don’t need a lot of money. In General, I’m not complaining!” – told Muromov journalists.

      Like many performers, the star of the early 90 receives funds that go to his account for the use of his songs in various projects. However, according to him, at the present time, it comes far less deductions than in the old days when dollar to six rubles.

      “Then I paid a month thirteen thousand, and now this money comes once a quarter. Can you imagine? Where is the money? Money management RAO! There it is difficult to approach, to understand what and where it goes. Twenty versions of the song “Apples in the snow” I get 95 cents. Funny? Theatre “Modern” that pays well – from them comes for four hundred rubles for the play. Another theater, I learned, I contributed fifteen hundred for the “Strange woman”, and I come out of this amount only two of the ruble,” said Mikhail journalists of the portal “Sobesednik.ru”.

      Michael Muromov began performing on stage in 1985, when he was over 30. The peak of popularity of the artist was at the end of 80-ies. It was then left to his song “Ariadne”, “the Witch” and “the Strange woman”, which is then hummed the whole country. After a while, once it became known that the perpetrator left in the shade. It was rumored that the singer had problems with alcohol. The second time, the name Michael Muromova remembered when he became a participant of the show reincarnation “one to One”. The artist is also known for his amorous adventures: he has four illegitimate son. “I’m not a marriage at all. I don’t need a family,” said Muromov in an interview.

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