Michael Labkovsky choose “Superblock”

Михаил Лабковский выберет «Супермамочку»
On STS starts a new show.

On STS starts a new family reality show “Superblock”, expert which will be known psychologist, TV and radio presenter
Michael Labkovsky.

castings, 56 and heroines
one popular psychologist in the new draft STS moms from across the country
arrange home battles to show who really
super. Among the heroines will be the mistress tattoo parlor,
the girl-punk, DJ, model, rap singer, fashion designer, flight attendant,
actress, ballerina, and even the Deputy.

a week for the right to receive the title of “Superblock” will compete four
mothers from one city — Moscow, St. Petersburg, Rostov-on-don
Sochi. Girls go to each other
to visit, to assess rivals based on three criteria: thrift,
motherhood and self-realization. The final word and the coveted 10 points
get the best mother according to Mikhail Labkovsky, which not only
tips on raising children, but also help heroines
to correct their mistakes. “For me, the supermom is a mom with a healthy and
stable psyche, mother, where the happy children. When a mother loves
kids, and kids love mom without any “BUT!”, — says Michael.