Майкл Джексон принимал гормонотерапию с 13 лет, чтобы его голос был выше

Another sensational recognition about the personal life of Michael Jackson did his doctor, not without the guilt of which he died a musician.

According to Dr. Conrad Murray, from 13 years the king of the pop scene were injected with hormones which slowed down his puberty, and then would mutate the voice becomes more masculine and rough.

“He talked about it very insecure. It seemed that he lacks words to describe the fact that at that time occurred. This recognition was like a confession. Then I was under the strong impression that Michael in adolescence have received some hormones that delayed his puberty,” — said Murray.

Dr. Murray shared with the press his thoughts about how this hormonal therapy has influenced the character of Jackson. Conrad believes that irreversible damage, which could then be triggered by the abundant amount of hormones could lead to years in the interest of Michael’s children and other odd behavior.


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