Майкла Джексона подозревают во влюбленности в Эмму Уотсон The doctor of the king of pop wrote a book which told about life of the singer. In the words of Conrad Murray, Jackson often made a strange and eccentric things. In addition, the doctor revealed the love of the contractor. The artist was so passionate about the star of films about Harry Potter that he wanted to marry her.

      Майкла Джексона подозревают во влюбленности в Эмму Уотсон

      Former doctor of Michael Jackson Conrad Murray has written a book in which he shed light on some previously unknown moments in the life of a famous musician. It is known that the doctor does not just treat and advised the star, but was her best friend. They spent a lot of time together. According to journalists, the work of Murray will go on sale July 19.

      Ahead of the release of the book “That’s all” (This Is It) , named in honor of the last tour of the Jackson newspaper the Mirror published a few fragments from the work of Conrad, in which the king of pop appears from an unexpected quarter.

      “Michael Jackson was crazy and at the same time great lunatic” — these words characterize the star of his doctor.

      The doctor also revealed why Michael Jackson was constantly bleached his skin. “He believed that it would help him to cope with some disturbing and tragic moments from his past,” writes Murray.

      In addition, Conrad told about the loves of the singer. According to doctor celebrities, Michael Jackson was crazy about Harriet, daughter of his friend, actor Mark Lester. He hid his feelings for the heiress friend for several years. When Harriet was 12, she became his obsession. Jackson even discussed with my doctor the possibility of marriage, but Conrad tried to talk him out of it.

      According to Murray, Jackson also wanted to marry the star of “Harry Potter” Emma Watson. The actor had planned to propose to her if will not take place the wedding of Harriet Lester. The musician became a fan of the British actress after the screens out first part of the film about the young wizard. Then Watson was 11 years old.

      It is known that Michael Jackson has been repeatedly accused of pedophilia. Against the singer was filed a few claims with allegations of sexual abuse of minors. In 1993, the singer went to a settlement agreement, paying the family of a teenager $ 20 million, and in 2004, Jackson was acquitted the jury.

      Two years after the death of the singer from an overdose of drugs Conrad Murray was accused of negligence towards his patient was sentenced to four years in prison. In 2013, the doctor prematurely released from custody.

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