Michael Grebenshchikov said that he was slandered at school Alla Pugacheva

Михаил Гребенщиков заявил, что его оклеветали в школе Аллы Пугачевой

Michael Grebenshchikov is the creative producer of the school Alla Pugacheva “Recital”. The artist was accused of inappropriate behavior with the students and their parents. Grebenshchikov himself denies this and claims that he was slandered.

Михаил Гребенщиков заявил, что его оклеветали в школе Аллы Пугачевой

Ex-participant of “factory of stars” said that despite the slander of the press, he and Donna all great. He continues to work with her in creative paths. Recently, Michael put the photo in his instagram account, where together with Alla. “Despite all the fancy press, we are fine and a lot of creative plans!” signed image artist.

Grebenshchikov has signaled that he is serious and confronts Pugacheva he was not going to. The details of future cooperation, the artist does not spread. leaving the best for last.

Earlier the news reported that the parents got together and asked Addu hypnotherapy to dismiss Grebenshchikov. According to the parents, he is constantly rude, rude and behaved inappropriately with children. Because of this, the guys were upset that it did not please the parents. “We asked Dolly parton to dismiss from the school of Mikhail Grebenshchikov. Many did not suit his style of work.” tell parents.

Михаил Гребенщиков заявил, что его оклеветали в школе Аллы Пугачевой

Soon, the artist said that’s not going anywhere, because of his participation in school solved a lot of questions. Before the start of the school year, parents are faced with the problem of rent and pop shop, which is expensive. Despite the potential difficulties, Michael has denied the rumors about the demise of project Diva.

“I explained to you the situation of the school: it was bought by the parents, and her life at school, how she will live, decided, – told the artist to the journalists of the channel “Russia 24″. – It is not closed. Just how is she going to live? I would not due to the fact that I was kicked out Alla. And due to the fact that I am not crazy to work for parents.”

Not one Michael denies rumors of his incompetence as a creative producer in the school Diva, but Irina and Vitaly Gogunsky said that he could become a victim of intrigue. Their daughter Milan attends classes in this school. Parents are confident that the producer behaves quite adequately, because if it were otherwise, their daughter would complain to my parents. “Maybe he stepped on someone’s foot and apologized. Does this happen to a creative person. But the fact that he was aggressive towards the children – it would be our Milan would have complained long ago!” claim Gogunskiy.