Michael Grebenshchikov changed the appearance of the plastic surgeon

Михаил Гребенщиков изменил внешность у пластического хирурга
The musician went under the knife for the sake of meeting with the love of his life.

Michael Grebenshchikov

Photo: a frame from the program “ten years younger”

Michael Grebenshchikov, a graduate of “factory of stars” in the show “ten years younger” said that lately he is not is personal life. Some time ago, the actor divorced his wife and now suffers from loneliness. To find a new chosen one 40-year-old Michael have decided to give myself a little trim and asked for help to specialists of the popular TV show.

Grebenshchikov has done rhinoplasty, facelift and upper blepharoplasty. The musician admitted that the operation was for him was challenging because he was a child afraid of doctors. However, the result of the intervention he liked. By the way, have collaborated with musician and dentist. Now Michael can boast of a perfect Hollywood smile.

Michael hopes that the new appearance will help to establish his life. Speaking of the reasons for the divorce Grebenshchikov said not very willingly. He shared that he has broken up with his wife, Catherine, who bore him two daughters, because of the touring life, prevented him to build a happy family. But now, by his own admission, it has no name to speak at the concerts. He earns a living as a producer, but dreams of one day to be back on the big stage.