Michael Fassbender spoke about his beloved

Майкл Фассбендер рассказал о своей любимой девушке
The actor no longer hide his love.

Майкл Фассбендер рассказал о своей любимой девушке

Michael Fassbender


They say that Michael Fassbender is sufficient with any beauty eyes to meet, and all — she immediately falls in love. But the actor chose a girl, and despite his macho image, remains faithful to her.

“With Alicia Vikander we met at the filming of Derek Cianfrance “Light in the ocean,” says Michael. I saw her and told the Director: “This girl scares me!” I think I warmed up that she’s so bold and meticulous actress. It was great, I arrived early morning on the platform with a desire to work and to see it… especially from each other we we had nowhere in particular: filmed on a small island in New Zealand. To entertain himself, picnics, surfing, wandered all over the surrounding area, went Hiking, as avid fans of overnight stays in nature… We’re with Alicia played husband and wife, so that was something to talk about”.

The actor admitted that between them, Alicia and immediately there was chemistry: “a Flash of lightning — like sparks slipped, forgive for banality…” But they hid for a long time relationship. And just now, checking feelings, decided that you can say about the novel.

“We almost immediately agreed that we will not make our relationship public, it really is not difficult, says Fassbender. — In General, I must confess: I am very glad that I met Alicia, and not going it to let go.”

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Michael Fassbender and Alicia Vikander in the film “light in the ocean”