Michael Fassbender believes that the role of James bond should go to the woman

Майкл Фассбендер считает, что роль Джеймса Бонда должна достаться женщине

The name of the new role of James bond has not yet been determined, but the Network circulates a lot of messages regarding to their usual way can get back to the British actor Daniel Craig. Rumor has it that the makers of “James bond” are willing to pay Craig a record fee of $ 150 million – so great is their desire to collaborate with Daniel.

While these news were never confirmed, so there is a place for imagination. To reflect on the theme of “James bond” allowed himself Michael Fassbender.

The actor himself doesn’t want to become 007. Even more – Michael believes that for the first time in the history of this role should go to a woman.

In an interview with GQ 39-year-old Fassbender said that Daniel Craig has done an incredible job, but he thinks “the franchise need something new”. As such the “new” Fassbender proposes to give the role of 007 woman – and to make a movie about Jane bond.