Michael Douglas spoke about what happened the accident

Майкл Дуглас рассказал о произошедшем с ним несчастном случае
The actor admitted he was sure to die.

Michael Douglas


Recently, the 73-year-old Michael Douglas for the first time told the story that happened to him
for quite some time. Happened to him an accident like Michael said, it is not
will never forget it. It all started with the fact that he, as usual, decided to swim in
ocean. However, Douglas felt that day is not too good. Besides,
he miscalculated the power of the waves that day. Michael realized that he was likely to drown
and prepared to die. The last thing he remembers before he was rescued —
it is the white light that he saw when almost completely petered out. And
yet — some sounds. “Something like angels singing…,” explained Michael.

In short, the actor has described about what to tell some people
experienced clinical death. But the findings of Douglas, who had a chance to survive and defeat the deadly disease, made the experience.
not those that one would expect. “I don’t think that all of this can be
proof of the existence of “life after death”. I think it’s just
the reflection in our consciousness a certain stage of dying brain!” — said the actor.
And said he is confident that “the afterlife” — at least the kind,
as it describes three of the major world religions, does not exist.

So the new movie — Thriller “Flatliners” (a sequel of the same name
films of 1990-th years), the producer of which is Douglas, he is perceived as
pure fiction. In the film we are talking about a group of medical students, conducting
risky experiment to find out
what happens to a person when he dies.