Michael Douglas said that very soon he will be born granddaughter

Майкл Дуглас рассказал, что совсем скоро у него родится внучка
For the first time the actor will become a grandfather.

Майкл Дуглас рассказал, что совсем скоро у него родится внучка

Michael Douglas


Days 73-year-old Michael Douglas shared good news: he announced that
his soon to be born granddaughter. “I am absolutely delighted and excited. It
is a little girl that is absolutely wonderful!” — said the actor. Child
should be released very soon — in December. Mother granddaughter of the actor will become a friend of the eldest of the three children
Douglas — 38-year-old Cameron.

That Cameron, Douglas’s son from his first marriage with Diandra luker, the first will be the father of, became
known in August, however, if not reported neither sex of child nor
estimated time of birth.
As for the mother of the future “Chad” Cameron — a 39-year-old Viviane
Thibes. Vivian was born in Brazil (Sao Paulo) and moved to the United States when she
was 19 years old. Here she graduated from College, where he specialized in
the theater arts. Although, as an actress, she has not yet been achieved
popularity, she starred in several films, including the Brazilian
crime drama La Rina.

Cameron Vivian started Dating last year, shortly after
eldest son of Douglas was released from prison. Recall that Cameron
stayed in prison for 7 years for drugs. Initially, he was sentenced to five
years after tried to sell illegal substances to the police officer,
undercover. But then Douglas Jr. added two more years to
because his ex-girlfriend managed to carry him the “dope” in prison. However,
after the release of Cameron started a new
life. The judge allowed him to move to Los Angeles and now Douglas is going
to return to the acting profession, which is successfully mastered before the conclusion.

Cameron Douglas Vivian