Michael Douglas plans to retire

Майкл Дуглас планирует уйти в отставку

Майкл Дуглас планирует уйти в отставку

Michael Douglas turned 74 years old, he loves what he does, and his gorgeous wife Catherine Zeta-Jones still stirs his heart and soul!

74-year-old Michael Douglas is not going to retire! “I can’t imagine that I can retire! I will work until you stop to walk or to breathe. No, I love what I do!”, — Michael confirmed in an exclusive interview with HollywoodLife Saturday, 21
Sep. The legendary actor has worked in this business for five decades, his first role was the role of inspector Steve Keller in the acclaimed TV series “the streets of San Francisco”, the show lasted a little bit a lot, from 1972 to 1976.

Although Michael is an experienced actor, award still makes him nervous: he was nominated for Sunday’s “Emmy” in the nomination “Best actor in a Comedy series” for the role of sandy Kominski in the show Method “Cominsky” aired on TV channel
Netflix. “This nomination means a lot to me. Since I don’t often starred in the Comedy series, fake jokes and a laugh track – a little bit drove me crazy. But I tried very hard”. It should be recalled that the actor already has the Emmy statuette, which he received in
2013 for best actor in mini-series. Douglas played the role of pianist Liberace in the mini-series “Behind the candelabra”.

Майкл Дуглас планирует уйти в отставку

However, not everything is as good as it seems at first glance, over the years, Michael struggled with multiple health problems — including thyroid cancer the fourth stage. But it should be noted that he has great genes for his father, Hollywood legend Kirk Douglas,
now 102 years old. “We just had lunch with my dad. Him 102 years. I think I get the most pleasure from the fact that he says, “You’re not funny”. I said, “Yes? To amuse you?” — said Michael. “Our relationship is strong, it doesn’t work now. We all have
a lot more time. We are not at the height of our career, and all that.” But this does not mean that Michael does not appeal to my dad for father’s advice! “I think his advice – the best!” — he shared.

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