Майкл Дуглас о возрасте, здоровье и молодой жене

Майкл Дуглас о возрасте, здоровье и молодой жене

In late September, the famous American actor Michael Douglas was 75 years old. After the jubilee to his transfer he was invited by the famous presenter Ellen DeGeneres. The actor gave an interview about her age and attitude as he struggled with cancer, and how he lives next to his young wife Catherine Zeta-Jones.

The first thing he admitted, is that at the moment it feels great. All the credit for his recovery lie on the wife, Catherine, who has the age difference with Michael for 25 years. By the way, the artists born on the same day, September 25.

“I’m just moving forward. I had cancer about eight or nine years ago — at this point I thought about the fact that my wife is much younger. But as soon as I received a certificate stating that it is absolutely healthy, I realized that I need to go further. A young wife helps me to feel good and keep yourself in good shape” said Douglas.

Also the actor said that the biggest role model for speaking of his own father, who in this year already 102 years. Michael laughs and adds, “in the mind of the father full of hair”, and feels kirk Douglas is excellent. There is something to strive for.

Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones tied the knot 19 years ago. During this time, they gave birth to two children, a boy Dylan and girl Caris. This is the only children Katherine, but Michael’s has a 40-year-old son from his first marriage.

When Catherine gives an interview, it often ask for the age difference with her husband, but she does not see in it problems, and answers: “When mother told me about men and some facts of life, she never set an age bar. It’s pretty funny that Michael and my parents are the same age, but when they saw us together, I never even thought about the fact that he is older than me by 25 years.”

Not to say that family life that were always smooth and happy. In 2013, they paused their marriage and decided to live separately. It happened because of health problems, Katherine. However, the family withstood this test and after a few months, they have again started to live together.

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