Michael Douglas is ready to do anything for his beloved

Майкл Дуглас готов на все ради своей любимой
The actor explained why he considers himself a “dinosaur”.

Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas


73-year-old Michael Douglas admitted it recently
wife Catherine Zeta-Jones has expressed a complaint about the fact that she
never “normal” to celebrate his birthday. But
once Catherine was so pleased by the fact that, in an almost unbelievable coincidence, a personal holiday Michael falls on the same
the day that her own… After all, both were born on September 25, though
a difference of a quarter of a century. This fact, vyyasnitsya on the first day, when they
met, then led Katherine in delight, moreover, she found it “a sign”
the fact that they met not by chance.

However, over the almost 20 years that passed since their first meeting, Catherine turned out to be awfully tired to celebrate together, not having
to invite to this day only your friends and only do what
she wants.

Douglas, as he admitted, was a little puzzled.
However, according to the actor, he’s just not as anything to deny his
wife. So from now on Catherine’s birthday, it was decided to celebrate on another day.
“You know, I still love her insanely and she is ready for anything. I
never forget the fact that I was older than Katherine for 25 years and really appreciate that
I was such a young and beautiful wife!” — says the actor. Michael said: “I
all she is extremely grateful that she helps me stay energetic and cheerful –
it is at my age. Besides, though I consider myself a dinosaur in terms of
the development of technology and social media in particular, thanks to her, I
begin to navigate these issues.”