Michael Douglas is back again cancer

К Майклу Дугласу снова вернулся рак

72-year-old winner of two awards “Oscar” was very thin and old.

Six years ago, a terrible disease has scared the actor and his family. In 2010, doctors found in Hollywood stars tongue cancer 4-th degree. But how the actor and his wife Catherine Zeta-Jones have passed the test deserves true admiration…

But six years later, a new cause for concern. Recently, the actor looks tired. Douglas is older, thinner, haggard…

К Майклу Дугласу снова вернулся рак

Confirmation of diagnosis no. Michael himself and his family declined to comment, but friends of the actor say: the last time he was suspiciously frequent visitor to the doctors.

Fans are already sounding the alarm, however, the representatives of the actor still advise to be guided in their conclusions by common sense. They say that since 2010, celebrities have often attributed the illness. And last year, after returning from a vacation, Douglas was appalled by what he saw in the news.

“Just returned from an incredibly beautiful spring family holiday spent in Mexico, and found that “good” journalists again wrote about me stuff. So, my dear fans, at this moment I feel healthy and happy as ever. For five years I live without the disease, – wrote Michael. — A few weeks ago I took another test which showed that I am 100% healthy!”