Michael Douglas denies allegations of sexual harassment

Майкл Дуглас отрицает обвинения в сексуальных домогательствах

The sex scandal was not spared of the actor and producer Michael Douglas. To justify himself, 73-year-old two-time winner of the award “Oscar” himself touched on this unpleasant subject. Douglas gave an interview to a Western publication, in which it admitted that a former employee, with whom he worked, accused him of sexual harassment.

According to Michael, recently contacted the journalists of The Hollywood Reporter and Variety, saying that they plan to publish a woman’s story about the incident with him that happened over 30 years ago. According to Douglas, this is a hoax and nothing happened. The Director was not afraid to tell you all the charges that were leveled against him by the former employee.

“I got a letter from my lawyer in which it was reported that The Hollywood Reporter is going to publish a story told by a employee who worked for me about 32 years ago. She claims that I, first, talked vulgar language in her presence, but not her. Second, rudely talking to friends in private conversations. In the end, I fired her for the work she performed. Thirdly, she claims that I blocked it all the way in this industry, so she found a job. And fourthly, she said that I masturbated in front of her,” says Douglas.

Douglas continued his story, saying that the accusations are false. “I am proud to support the women’s movement. My mother was an actress, and I married to actress (Catherine Zeta-Jones. — Approx. ed.), all my life I sincerely supported this movement. Perhaps just a disgruntled employee that I fired her, although I have not heard from her in 32 years. And reputable publication wants to publish this story? There is no evidence that this story is true,” the Director says.

Recall that Douglas is married to British actress Catherine Zeta-Jones. In November of last year, they celebrated their 17th wedding anniversary. The couple were married in 2000 at the Plaza hotel in new York. But not always in family life, Douglas and Zeta-Jones was all smooth sailing: in 2013 the couple broke up due to family problems caused by bipolar disorder actress. But they were able to survive the difficult period and save your marriage. Later the actress said, “we need to work hard not to give up as soon as the problem arises”.

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