Майкл Кейн сменил имя из-за террористов

British actor Michael Caine spoke about the problems they faced for many years when passing passport control in many airports around the world. The fact that we actor to the reception Desk a base with a passport in which his name sounds like Maurice Joseph Miclat. It turned out that Maurice Joseph Miclat – the present name of the star, and Michael Caine is just the sonorous name of that man was quite determined in the beginning of his career.

As admitted recently Kane, he decided to make an alias with his name on the passport. Make it is Michael wants, because of the large number of migrants in Europe. As the actor says, he decided to “legitimize” his nickname after he started “the whole story of terrorists and other” not to embarrass the security officers.

“I said, “hi, Michael Caine!”, and then suddenly I was given a passport with a different name”, — quotes the Kane press.

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