Michael Bagel explained why hiding beloved one

Михаил Бублик объяснил, почему скрывает возлюбленную The singer tries to speak less about the personal. Michael Bagel advises fans not to go into his life to avoid being overtaken by disappointment. Singer considers himself an ordinary man, which has its own quirks and nuances.

      Singer Mikhail Bagel widely known among fans of Russian chanson. Man successfully writing songs and touring in many cities, where performances of the artist look forward to all admirers of his work. Despite the fact that Michael loves to interact with his fans, but there are some facts of his life, in which he did not intend to devote strangers. So Bagel tries by all means to hide his lover and prefers to remain silent about his personal life.

      “Who should they know. I think that my audience do not need to worry. All I can offer, I do at concerts. By the way, I do not like to get acquainted with the artists that I admire. Because it is very afraid to be disappointed. We in life are all ordinary people with their own set of quirks and nuances. So I and my fans wouldn’t recommend it,” admitted the singer.

      Michael that his fans – very helpful people. He remembered a story that once as a joke mentioned that she dreamt of having your own moonshine. Literally three days later it was sent as a gift. Donut still doesn’t know who gave him such a gift, however, he was pleased that the fans decided to blindside him.

      Michael Bagel appreciates alcoholic beverages, which has its own history. The actor admitted he’s a big fan of wine, and therefore was glad when he had the opportunity to visit Italy. There he visited the ancient building View, where he kept barrels full of Barolo. The singer wanted to buy a bottle, but at that time acted pre-order, and he would have to wait until 2025. In the end, he opted on a different fault.

      The artist’s surprising that his work belongs to Russian chanson, Mikhail even though he feels his belonging to very different genre. “To me it is also strange because inside I’m a rocker. And raised at all in the other. And then, today, the chanson is quite different, as you can see. It’s not camp lyrics. And sing it does not repeat offenders with a pen in the sleeve, squatting Smoking non-filter cigarettes, and talking obscenities. Chanson as multifaceted. Somehow, in the name of Edith Piaf no one scrunches up her face: “This second!” And when talking about a Bagel, some dismissive: “Chanson!” the singer confessed in an interview with ProZvezd.