Method Wolverine: perfect abs in a month

Метод Росомахи: идеальный пресс за месяц

For the role in the new film Hugh Jackman will gain 20 lbs. And he already knows how.

That the actors for the role you often have to drive weight here and there, for anybody not news. To recall famous Bridget Jones. What this role was worth Renee Zellweger! We gain weight, we lose weight – not every body can handle such swings. Renee however never complained and courageously handled. Moreover, she had enough time.

What to do when you have a deadline? For example, just over a month, and weight?! Hugh Jackman now knows the secret of how in the shortest possible time to achieve the perfect body.

A month later, the actor begins shooting the last part of the picture “X-Men”. To re-appear before the audience in the form musculista of Wolverine, Jackman needed to gain as much as 20 pounds! Just over a month – please remind me!

“Imagine my watch every three and a half hours I remind you that it’s time to eat another steak! But where to go?” – admitted in an actor, says 7days.

Some girls, perhaps, sighed: Oh, we would so much have, and then we all day one leaf of grass munching. But in the diet of Wolverine has its disadvantages: first of all, you need to eat only protein, and secondly, a single gram of sweet!

“I am the way, many said I was so hooked that role, which will fail in time to come off. But it is not true. I actually said goodbye to Wolverine, and blame my stomach! I was not sure that he will stand in the future as many steaks, chicken white meat and, most importantly, omelettes of some proteins! Diet Wolverine and Hugh Jackman is simple and unpretentious. Oh, and a single gram of sweet”.

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