Metal is a good choice

Металлочерепица — удачный выбор

Still thinking of what to make the roof of his country house? Lost in the ocean of roofing materials? Want to see your home beautiful and durable roof? If these questions visit You more often, jumping to conclusions is not necessary. Better take a look to time-tested and Russian weather conditions — metal.

Металлочерепица — удачный выбор

So, what is this stuff? It would seem that everyone knows, but not everything is as simple as it seems at first glance. Metal is not just a painted sheet of metal. Sheets of rolled steel with the thickness 0.4-0.5 mm before to become a real roofing material, the process of profiling and cutting, thereby obtaining the necessary strength and rigidity.

Металлочерепица — удачный выбор

To withstand various weathering steel protected by galvanizing, priming and application of various polymer coatings. Thus, a complex multi-layered roofing material, which has a number of advantages:

  • skillfully mimics the shape of all known clay tile, but has a significantly lower weight compared to its ancient predecessor;
  • the device does not require any special reinforced frame when assembling the truss system, which allows you to save money at the stage of preparation for its installation;
  • has a wide variety of colors and shapes for every taste;
  • this piece of metal is quite easy and fast to install. Mount to a wooden crate is made very simply by using coloured roof hardware with special seals;
  • it is durable and does not imply any special care;
  • metal is the best combination of price and quality.
    A variety of types of this roofing material is now so large that any of us can stop at any style and budget.

The absolute sales leader on the market of roofing materials today are a series of “Monterrey MP”, “MP Supermature” and “MP Maxi” from the famous Russian manufacturer, “Company Metall Profil”. With this collection of “Monterrey” has a huge selection of shapes, colors and sizes in order to emphasize the architectural expression of Your house. Consider each of the types and understand what is between them a fundamental difference.

1. “MP Monterrey” has a fairly moderate elevation profile (15 mm) and the optimum step waveform (350 mm). Will fit harmoniously into any roof. The roof will seem to be bulky and flashy. In this case, the main emphasis will be given to the facade of the house. However, a large variety of colors and textures “MP Monterrey” will allow You, if desired, conversely, select the roof and concentrate only on it or interesting combinations with the facades of the house.

Металлочерепица — удачный выбор

2. “MP Supermature” due to the higher profile (21 mm) while maintaining identical with the “MP Monterrey” wave step (350 mm) has an excellent effect. Due to the pronounced relief of the roof of any home looks more massive. House takes on the architectural expression at the expense of the more visible of the roof, which look clings to itself, especially in different lighting.

Металлочерепица — удачный выбор

3. “MP Maxi” due to the larger wave step 400 mm will look great on suburban homes with large pitched roofs. The size of the waves do not effect the “ripples” on the huge roof areas and allows you to emphasize the monumentality of the buildings with classic facades.

All of the above series can have various thickness and different types of decorative coatings. The choice of these parameters directly depend on the durability of the roof, its resistance to corrosion, resistance to fading and mechanical damage and, of course, price. “Company Metall Profil” offers its customers an exceptionally wide range of colors, shapes and textures. Decorative coating can be the simplest, most familiar to our sight and inexpensive, for example, the coating “Polyester”, and very complex in terms of color and texture, such as innovative composite coating VikingMP® or VikingMP®E. These coatings have a greater thickness of metal (0.45 or 0.5 mm), have an unusual appearance, effect gazettelive, as well as high resistance to fading.

Металлочерепица — удачный выбор

One of the most durable decorative coatings in a wide range of siding series “Monterrey” from the “Company Metall Profil” is to cover Premium called PURMAN. Big thick steel (0.5 mm) polymeric coating of high strength PURMAN (50 microns) allow daily to confirm the durability of the considered roofing the most revealing way such material can be seen on many roofs in different climatic regions of our vast country.

Roof coating Premium PURMAN not afraid of any bad weather St. Petersburg or Siberian snow and cold or the hot sun of the Krasnodar territory. A nice addition for owners of such a high quality and durable roofing material was its relatively low price.

Having defined the type of metal suitable only for Your home and meets all Your requirements and tastes is quite difficult to choose a durable finish that will suit You fully. “Company Metall Profil”, depending on the chosen type of polymer decorative coating, gives a guarantee on its products from 1 year to 40 years. And it already will agree, is a weighty argument in favor of the choice of a product from a reputable manufacturer. Isn’t it?

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