Metal detector Nokta Impact — new 2017

Металлоискатель Nokta Impact — новинка 2017 года

Metal detector Nokta Impact — the most anticipated new 2017, which will introduce a price comparison website

Металлоискатель Nokta Impact — новинка 2017 года

Design and Assembly of Nokta Impact reliability is worthy of attention of not only fans, but also professionals. Details are securely fastened, nothing is loose, the backlash is not heard, and this is a very important indicator, for example, work in the fields. The question immediately arises: does such a strong reliability on the weight equipment? Surprisingly, no. A device to control: take into account the ergonomics of the device for use in manual mode, the hand does not get tired for a long time. Telescopic rod rather long (106 cm), the cable is inside, so will not have to experience discomfort during winding.

It requires 4 batteries (AA). Depending on the chosen program and whether you connect headphones to the detector, is determined by the battery life and extend the battery life. The machine features high capacity, so an additional set of batteries is recommended to carry, especially if you plan to use mode 20 KHz. During use, the VLX programs (1 and 2) lower energy consumption.

Very pleased with the screen bright, and lit, he, perhaps, has no equal. Well, buttons are located conveniently, the settings do not need to turn on the screen. The user 12 programs, have a choice of frequencies (5/14/20 kHz), 3 modes of gain. At a frequency of 5 kHz, the detector is able to lift objects with depth to 20 cm.

In short, Nokta Impact — perfect technique, which will appeal to Amateurs and professionals. Plus — the software can be upgraded. The expected price of the device is $ 1,000.

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