Мэрил Стрип сыграет маму-хиппи в сериале Джей Джей Абрамса

Meryl Streep is one of the most talented and loved by millions Hollywood Actresses. Nearly one hundred percent probability the project takes the star, destined for success.

Thus, the Strip together with JJ Abrams and company Warner Bros Television Rexile to film the bestseller Nathan hill “Nix”(“No”).

The film rights belong to Warner Bros Television, while Meryl and JJ play the role of producers.

By the way, what is the presence of the Strip and its participation in the project is not limited to: the Oscar-winning actress will play a major role.

It is important to note that “Nix”(“No”) will be a mini-series. It will go about relationships of people from different generations. Mom belongs to the era of hippies, at the time it made the papers due to the fact that during the election campaign threw stones at one of the presidential candidates. Her son was not too successful Professor and writer — trying to succeed in the literary field, creating a caustic describe our mother’s life.

Start date of filming has not yet been determined.

Most likely, process will begin not earlier than January 2017.

Recall now that Meryl Streep and so does not suffer from a shortage of work.

The actress was invited to the story of Mary Poppins, where she will play the cousin of the famous nurses. The script was written by David Magee (“finding Neverland,” “Life of PI”) on the basis of the other novels Pamela Travers of Mary Poppins. The film will tell about how the nurse magically returns to the Banks family and discovers that her pupils are grown up and had children of their own who need a babysitter.

In addition to the Strip in the film we also see Emily blunt (as Poppins), Lin-Manuel Baegu and John Deluca.