Мэрил Стрип сыграет кузину Мэри Поппинс
The actress will again have to rehearse close in the bathroom.

Meryl Streep

As it became known the other day,
Meryl Streep has joined the film crew of the movie “Mary Poppins
returns” — a remake of the famous 1964 film. 67-year-old Streep got the role of a Tipsy — cousin of the main character. This character will appear in the film adaptation of the popular
a children’s book for the first time, as the old movie it was not.

As reported by the publication “Variety”, a new movie conceived as a musical, and
all the actors, including Meryl, will have to demonstrate during the filming of their
vocal. And although the Strip in the past it has frequently happened to sing on set
the Playground, every time she takes a similar role with caution. The fact that
all members of her family, as if having agreed, claim that she sings badly and not allowed
her rehearse at home. “As soon as I start, the voice of one of my
daughters: “Mom, for God’s sake, stop it right now!” — said the actress. So
each role in another musical film Meryl have to rehearse,
locked in the bathroom, where good sound insulation. Not to avoid her,
apparently, and this time…

As for the singer
lead role — Emily blunt, she’ll have to deal with another kind of problem.
Although blunt, like Meryl, has long proved its ability to cope
with the vocals, Emily is still very worried. After all, she has to take
the baton from the stars of old Hollywood — the most Julie Andrews, who played
Poppins in an old movie! However, both Actresses and blunt and Streep are counting on
help support the film’s Director — Rob Marshall. After all, they already have a great
experience of collaboration: Rob took Emily and Meryl in the musical “the farther into the forest…”.And Meryl, among others, received for her role in this film his 19th nomination for “Oscar”.

Shooting “Mary Poppins…” must
to begin in the near future, but viewers will see him soon. After all the screens
the film is scheduled to come out until December 2018.

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