Мэрил Стрип подверглась травле из-за секс-скандала
The authority of the Actresses suffered enormous damage.

Meryl Streep


Meryl Streep, who had, until recently, unquestioned authority
in Hollywood have found themselves in an unusual role — it has been hard
criticism. And all because of the fact that the actress, who worked with Harvey Weinstein,
which began in Hollywood “chain reaction” revelations, said: it
had no idea that the producer handsy with young Actresses, and a number of
of them have even been subjected to his violence.

“Knew about it, not all. For me personally he has always supported and acted with
me within the business relationship quite well. I know and many other
Actresses, in respect of which he does does not allow. If I knew about it
all, to be sure, journalists would have long ago dug these stories and wrote about them
would be all over the Newspapers!” the actress said in his defense.

However, her explanation caused the opposite reaction. Meryl just wanted
to explain why, unlike many other Actresses, including Gwyneth Paltrow,
Ashley Judd, Kate Winslet — she was silent
about Weinstein. As a result, she struck a wave of criticism.

The most fierce critic of her was rose McGowan, famous in his
time, playing one of the sisters in the TV series “Charmed”. Rose, who
claims that Harvey raped her, said: “Silence like you and you
such is also part of the same problem. You, without flinching, take the next
the award from the hands of one of the defendants in the scandal. I deeply despise your hypocrisy!”

But this was not the end: unknown pasted all over the city
posters “incriminating” Meryl is that it covers Weinstein. They
sealed Meryl next to Harvey. And across her face is the inscription “SHE KNEW!” And one of
posters have been place quite close to home actress.