Meryl Streep responded to the accusations of rose McGowan

Мерил Стрип ответила на обвинения Роуз МакГоуэн

Rose McGowan does not hesitate to accuse the big-name stars in collaboration with Harvey Weinstein, and this time under her hot hand hit the actress Meryl Streep. Three-time winner of the award “Oscar” has been criticized for its initiative to wear black to the event on awarding the “Golden globe”. Rose believes that to take such a step from the side of Meryl’s hypocrisy, because she has long worked with Weinstein and kept silent about his ill-fated actions.

Мерил Стрип ответила на обвинения Роуз МакГоуэн

Such accusations are not nearly as happy actress. Seeing a sea of headlines with allegations of McGowan, she hurried to answer them. Strip written appeal to the colleague at the Huffington Post. The actress said McGowan that he did not know about what is happening and in any case does not support violence against women. “I was silent not specifically. I didn’t know. I do not condone violence. I didn’t know. I don’t want young girls were abused. Harvey Weinstein needed us, because our communication with him bought him the confidence and ability to seduce girls,” writes the Strip.

As reported by Streep herself, after seeing the charges, she tried to contact the actress on the phone, but after repeated attempts she failed to do so. “I’m really sorry that she sees me as an opponent, because we both, along with other women, try to confront one sworn enemy,” says the actress. Meryl added that this enemy is the status quo, “which is so badly wants to return to the bad old days where women are used, abused and not given the right to vote.”

Мерил Стрип ответила на обвинения Роуз МакГоуэн

We will remind that on Saturday, 44-year-old actress spoke out against the silent protest and spoke negatively about Meryl Streep, who worked with Weinstein in the past. “Actresses such as Meryl Streep, who are willing to work with the “Pig monster” dressed in black “Golden globe” in honor of silent protest,” says McGowan in his Twitter. It is worth noting that in his account of Twitter, the actress gives all the discontent with the current situation in Hollywood.

McGowan believes that it is impossible to be silent, but rather need to talk about this issue. “Your silence is the problem,” continues McGowan in subsequent tweets. “Do you accept fake awards and do not change anything. I despise your hypocrisy. Maybe it was better for you all to wear Marchesa (brand of clothes of the ex-wife Weinstein Georgina Chapman),” added McGowan.

Initially Meryl Streep did not confirm their participation in the silent protest, but now he likely will take place and a lot of Actresses will dress in black and stand in front of photographers on the red carpet dedicated to the award ceremony “Golden globes”.