Meryl Streep is demanding an apology from Karl Lagerfeld

Мерил Стрип  требует извинений от Карла Лагерфельда

The dispute between Karl Lagerfeld and Hollywood actress Meryl Streep took an unexpected turn. Recently a famous fashion designer called her “petty” due to the fact that she allegedly refused to appear at the ceremony “Oscar” in a dress from the new Chanel collection, because the other fashion house paid her the money. The next day, the brand took back his words and stopped to criticize the Pacing, however, the 67-year-old actress is not going to give it to Carl. The strip made an official statement in which he accused Lagerfeld of defamation and demanded an apology.

“The famous fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld has slandered me, my stylist and designer, whose outfit I chose for the awards ceremony of the Academy. The words Carl had the purpose to discredit me and to discredit it in the eyes of the public, so I did not appear at the Oscars. This fictional story hit the world media, and continues to grow into new rumors. Lagerfeld humiliated me in front of the media, my colleagues and fans. An apology from Karl I can’t wait, and I’m still waiting” — said Meryl.
Recall that Karl told reporters that he and Meryl even had time to discuss the style and he began to sew the dress on the drawn sketch. but after a few days called the representatives of Meryl and announced that the actress will order the dress from another brand who is willing to pay them big money.
“After we gave her a dress worth 100 thousand Euro, it became clear that we still must pay. We create dresses and donate them, but we do not pay. She’s a great actress, but too petty,” said Carl. Put this the end of relations and cooperation of the designer and actress are not yet known. Lagerfeld himself took his words back, however, apologize to Meryl even asked.