Mental disorder Robbie Williams escalated

Психическое расстройство Робби Уильямса обострилось

Singer Robbie Williams tries to show the audience, only happy mood, although he suffers from a mental disorder. In a recent candid interview, the 44-year-old singer admitted that his illness has worsened and “wants to kill him.”

Mental illness the actor is suffering more than a year. As Robbie says himself, his life resembles a roller coaster: sometimes, a singer is so bad that to go on stage for him the real test. But there are moments of real “bliss” when Williams feels happy. Perhaps it is because of this disorder, the contractor had to cancel concerts in Russia last year.

“I have a disease that wants to kill me. It’s in my head, and it’s my job to protect myself and my family from him,” — admitted the singer.

In an interview Robbie said that from a similar disease suffered by his friend George Michael, who died in 2016. Sam Williams is determined to fight the disease, what will help him career, family and friends.

Despite her illness, the artist remains one of the most joyful and even early supported Russia in the Eurovision song contest. The British performer announced his readiness to represent Russia at the international musical contest “Eurovision” this year. As we learned earlier statements by the singer, the Ukrainian security service denies to the representative of the Russian Federation Yulia Samoilova entry to the territory of the country due to her performances in the annexed Crimea in 2015. All the artists who supported the annexation and speakers in Crimea without the permission of Ukraine, has been banned.

The hero of the new edition of the program “Let them talk”, dedicated to the theme of the Eurovision song contest 2017 and facing the First channel, and became vociferous British. In a broadcast on Russian television, Robbie said:
“I love Eurovision! It’s incredibly grandiose and spectacular show! I would like to represent Russia at the contest this year. I know that my Manager is behind the scenes already grabbed his head, but I really would like this. Come on, Russia,I know we can win,” said Williams.
Robbie also admitted that the performance of Sergey Lazarev in the competition last year, so he liked that he even decided to borrow his ideas for their rooms.
Meanwhile, Julia Samoylova, even knowing that on the territory of Ukraine it may not be allowed, being prepared for the competition.