Menchov and tobacco responded to angry complaints of the assumption

Меньшова и Табаков ответили на гневные претензии Успенского The writer is outraged by the premiere of the new “Buttermilk”. Eduard Uspensky believes that “Soyuzmultfilm” committed the offense, reworking his works, and wrote appeals to the actors voiced main characters.
Меньшова и Табаков ответили на гневные претензии Успенского

Eduard Uspensky was extremely dissatisfied with the premiere of a new cartoon film “Prostokvashino” worked on “Soyuzmultfilm”. The writer appealed to the Investigative Committee, the Prosecutor General and the court of auditors. About it journalists were told by his lawyer Konstantin Leontiev.

According to the lawyer, the assumption considers that the Studio had committed “gross processing” of his works. The first series of the new “Prostokvashino”, said the figure of literature, contains a “borrowing scenes and lyrics (in altered form)” and characters created by them.

The Network criticized the “Buttermilk”, dedicated to Tabakov

“The contract to use my works to create new movies with me was that permission for this adaptation, I did not give”, – said Eduard Nikolaevich.
Меньшова и Табаков ответили на гневные претензии Успенского

The fact that a new series was watched over 13 million times, is evident, in the opinion of the writer, the “large scale violations”. At the conclusion of his appeal to the Prosecutor General assumption asked to consider his statements and test them. If confirmed, the Eduard Nikolaevich asks to take measures stipulated by law. It concerns, in particular, criminal law.

In addition, the assumption made letters to the actors voiced main characters to Garik Sukachev, Julia Menshovoj, Anton Tabakov, Ivan Okhlobystin and others. The writer urged artists to abandon the work. Some of the stars already said Eduard Nikolaevich. So, Tabakov said talk to him.

“This is not good no matter how it is true. Because, unfortunately, a lot of speculation about this, usually. Try to try to contact him directly to understand his position. Because it is entirely a legal question, which in no way can be attributed either to the performers, i.e. actors, nor to the author, that is, the owner of this work”, – said the son of the famous actor and Director.

In turn, Yulia Menshova said that he had “bitterness and regret”. Leading also believes that actors voiced the characters, not in conflict with the assumption of “Soyuzmultfilm”. According to the star, the writer deliberately took such an unprecedented step, wanting to attract the attention of the public. Menchov said that he had signed a contract with the Studio that she can’t cut “based on the wishes and appeals of the assumption”. The writer himself, I’m sure the artist understands this.

“Eduard Nikolaevich tries to provide a similar letter totally unwarranted until the “moral pressure”. Elected Mr. Ouspensky form of pressure, implying a deliberate humiliation of human dignity of the actors whose work does not affect the resolution of his conflict with the “Soyuzmultfilm”, in my opinion, not too worthy. And don’t give me respect. And it is also very bitter!” – said Menchov.

Meanwhile, representatives of “Soyuzmultfilm” said they were going to resolve the conflict through negotiations. According to them, all rights to the film adaptation of “Buttermilk” belong to the Studio. The press service also stressed that respect for Eduard Nikolaevich and his work, as was mentioned in the credits.

A continuation of the controversial cartoon will be released on may 2. Only from 2018 to 2020 should reach 30 episodes with a duration of 6.5 minutes.

According to “Moscow speaking”, “Komsomolskaya Pravda” and RNS