Memories of Barack and Michelle Obama is estimated at $ 60 million

Воспоминания Барака и Мишель Обамы оцениваются в 60 миллионов долларов

A little over a month ago, the 44th President of the United States Barack Obama gave his place a 45-WMD – Donald Trump.

Obama withdrew from political Affairs and for the first time had the opportunity to enjoy a good rest in the circle of his family.

Probably relaxing on the private island of his British friend Richard Branson, Barack decided that he was interested to tell the story of his life and hence he is ready to write a memoir.

The same problem is also facing the wife of Obama Michel. Media workers found out that the couple Obama will write a biographical dialogue, the publication of which will be engaged in publishing house Penguin Random house.

“The company received the rights to publish two books. We are thrilled that we can continue our cooperation with the former President and his wife. Every word and his leadership, they changed the world, we strive to do the same with the books we publish at Penguin Random House”, — said the head of the publishing house Markus Dole.

Of course, writing his memoirs — it is expensive, especially when you consider that we are talking about the former first persons of the state. How much would it cost

Penguin Random house the memoirs of Obama?

They say that Barack and Michelle to the amount of $ 60 million. It is worth saying that such a fee record and unprecedented.

For example, bill Clinton for his memories got $ 15 million. And George Bush paid even less – $ 10 million.