Members of the group “band’eros” told how the doctors fought for the life of the ex-soloist

Участники группы «Банд’Эрос» рассказали, как врачи боролись за жизнь экс-солистки Glad Zmanovskaya died in one of the American clinics. Her colleagues still can’t believe what happened. According to them, even after leaving the group the woman continued to cooperate with them.

On the eve it became known that the former soloist of group “band’eros” Happy Zmanovskaya died in the United States. As stated by the representatives of the team, she went to the States a friend, however, recently felt unwell. The artist suffered a brain hemorrhage. The doctors wanted to save her, but their efforts were in vain.

The singer left the popular band about 10 years ago, but continued to communicate with members of the group. The guys from “band’eros” dedicated to the former soloist of the post on the page in a social network. In the caption to the vintage frame, the musicians remembered what was Glad.

“She was one of the founders of the group (along with our Natalia and music producer by A. Durovym.) Glad a few days stand between heaven and earth in a coma. We all kept fingers crossed for her but, unfortunately, the doctors were powerless. Rada left the band in early 2008, but we continued to maintain warm and friendly relations, she participated in the Affairs of the group. Glad had an incredible amount of positive energy and know how in a good way to “infect” everyone around her. She was one of the most cheerful, cheerful and helpful people we knew. It all happened so unexpectedly, for us it is a terrible blow and irreplaceable loss. We still can’t believe that this has really happened”, – stated in the message.

After leaving the team Glad fully focused on working in the film industry. According to participants of group “band’eros”, the woman has made progress in this field. However, in recent years about Zmanovskiy was nothing audible.

“She was one of the creators of the film “Dancing in the desert” – produced with the Russian side. Also in the process of developing other international projects in which she actively participated, including a feature film about the endangered Panda, with the participation of world stars. So many were going to do and did… Remember. Love. Grieve. Radka, you will always be among us,” write the soloists of the group on Instagram.

Some fans believe that in fact with the ex-soloist of “band’eros” no one spoke. Some time ago it was trying to find fans, but all attempts failed. The current press Secretary of the Eugene group was not familiar with ex-member of the team. According to her, she had never seen Rada. Besides, the representative hinted that the guys from the team also for many years did not communicate with Zmanovskiy.