Members helped Alla Dovlatova to think of a name for my daughter

Подписчики помогли Алле Довлатовой придумать имя для дочки
The radio host came out of the decree a week after giving birth.

Alla Dovlatov with family

Photo: @Instagram alla_dovlatova Alla Dovlatova

Alla Dovlatov has finally decided on a name for her newborn daughter. The baby was called Mary. It’s funny, but the main role was played by the radio subscribers. Thanks to them, Alla was able to influence the other members of the family that have tended the other names. In this way, and it was the reason why Dovlatov to the last could not understand how to call the daughter. Her husband and older children were offered different options and could not agree among themselves.

In social networks there appeared a publication Alla with words of gratitude. “I am very grateful to you for such a heartfelt attitude to us and the issue of choosing the name! I take this very seriously, because it is very important that the name of the man brought happiness in my life! To his Holy protected him and defended! So, thank You again for your support and participation! Yesterday when we read Your comments and Dasha and Pasha has changed their addiction. On a family Council we decided to name our youngest daughter Mamie! Yay! Long live Maria A.!” she wrote.

By the way, despite the fact that Dovlatov was only a week ago underwent a caesarean section, she’s already out of the decree. Before radio was already working on his “post”. Recall that for Alla little Mary is the fourth child in the family. She also has two older daughters: Daria and Alexander, and son Paul.