Member of the “voices” of Tornike Quotation: “I don’t want to leave”

Участник «Голоса» Торнике Квитатиани: «Я не хочу уходить» Professional athlete passes one test after another. Tornike Kvitsiani said “StarHit” the difficulties faced on the project and how to cope with collapsed on him with popularity.

      Участник «Голоса» Торнике Квитатиани: «Я не хочу уходить»

      Tornike Quotation could surprise the coaches of the fifth season of the popular project “the Voice” with his vocals. The young man never did singing lessons and music. Dima Bilan believe 24-year-old wrestler and gave him the chance to reveal his talent as a musician. Tornike said “StarHit” the difficulties they face in competition with the famous and professional player and what he does in order not to disappoint his mentor.

      As it turned out, that a professional athlete suddenly decided to try himself in such a large-scale singing contest?
      Участник «Голоса» Торнике Квитатиани: «Я не хочу уходить»I was injured during training, so the classes had to stop. Nothing better to do sent the application for the project. And then came casting, and then the blind auditions, fights. For me it’s like a fairy tale. —
      What the project changed in your life?
      Участник «Голоса» Торнике Квитатиани: «Я не хочу уходить»I like that I began to be photographed in Moscow almost on every corner learn! I write a lot of good things in the social networks, it is very pleasing, however, did not meet all – just not enough time. —
      But there are negative comments…
      Участник «Голоса» Торнике Квитатиани: «Я не хочу уходить»I was so upset… I Understand that to please everyone is impossible, but still upset. Decided that will not are reviews to read.
      Supports like family, friends?
      Участник «Голоса» Торнике Квитатиани: «Я не хочу уходить»They’re, congratulate, cheer for me. I am very pleased. I don’t know what will happen next, will be able to show themselves in the next stages. Mom says that we should use every chance and that I was lucky unrealistic, so we must cling to and go with the flow.

      Not afraid to compete with professional singers? Maybe you feel that you need knowledge in music?
      Участник «Голоса» Торнике Квитатиани: «Я не хочу уходить»Yes, it’s hard for me, as a vocal, and morally. I see that the project involves real professionals – singers, well-known personalities. I came from a hall of free-style wrestling. Of course, this is a contest, no I of indulgences does not, all want more, competition is increasing. But now that we are getting smaller, more cohesive team. We’re like a family, everyone is equal. Understand that at every stage we must give our best. I do vocals for three months, from the moment after the casting took place on the show. In the blind auditions I played, not knowing the chords, just on a whim. But now, hopefully, learn musical notation.—
      How do you like the team of Dima Bilan?
      Участник «Голоса» Торнике Квитатиани: «Я не хочу уходить»I originally wanted to go to the team to Grigoriy Leps. Now I think I’m glad he still turned to me. When I saw Dima Bilan on TV, I have formed a definite opinion, but now that I know him personally, understand that it is a very good man.

      Your coach looking project, monitors your progress in music?
      Участник «Голоса» Торнике Квитатиани: «Я не хочу уходить»Yes, a couple of trainers looking, very happy for me. However, one tells me to get out because he wants to see in the hall. But now that I have an injury, I don’t think he’s expecting me. My friends, the fighters, come support too. It is important for me and it is nice that loved ones are always near me.—
      What are your future plans – will you continue to play sports or go into show business?
      I now have a serious injury – a dislocated shoulder. The first day I got excited and said that it would stop. Now to practice, of course, do not go. The doctors say that this dislocation is a serious business. Maybe fate is hinting, because I had four serious injuries, and in “the Voice” so far everything has gone like clockwork. But still I’m in the sport. Although I am pleased that my performance people like. Do not want to leave.