Member of the group Serebro ready to be naked for the sake of victory at the Eurovision song contest Lazarev

The victory of Sergey Lazarev on “Eurovision” wants not only all Russia, but also half of Europe. While some are prepared to vote for your pet and make your contribution to the conquest Lazarev first place at the competition, the soloist of group Serebro decided to cheer him Sergei and give him another incentive to still be the first in this music competition.

Olga Seryabkina has published a video in which she talks about as a fan of Lazarev, and tells about the gift that she and her bandmates will give him in case of his victory. Note that surprise is extremely spicy.

“We’ll arrange for you and the girls very hot and candid photo shoot. This is a day you’ll never forget. You’re the best, don’t worry and I know we can all”, – said Seryabkina in the video that was posted on the official website of the group in Instagram.

Recall that the final of “Eurovision 2016” will be held today, may 14. It will be attended by 26 artists. On concert and sports arena “Globen” will the representatives of Belgium, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Azerbaijan, Hungary, Italy, Israel, Bulgaria, Sweden, Germany, France, Poland, Australia, Cyprus, Serbia, Lithuania, Croatia, Russia, Spain, Latvia, Ukraine, Malta, Georgia, Austria, UK, Armenia.

The most likely candidates for first place, according to bookmakers, are Russia and Australia. Between these contestants will be the main rivalry.

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