Member of “Battle of psychics” denied the affair with Liberi Kadono

Участник «Битвы экстрасенсов» открестился от романа с Либерж Кпадону Denis Vysotsky promised not to utter a word about his beloved. Early star of the reality show “Dom-2” Liberi Kadono openly declared romantic feelings for a young mage, and even for him away from the boyfriend.

      Участник «Битвы экстрасенсов» открестился от романа с Либерж Кпадону

      Recently launched a new season of the popular project “Battle of psychics” and the participants have already managed to attract the attention of the public. On television magicians, sorcerers and mediums try to show all their abilities to achieve the title of winner of the project. However, fans interested in the characters not only in the ethers, but want to know a little more about the personal life of beloved psychics.

      One of the brightest members of the 17th season of Denis Vysotsky decided once and for all close the topic of his personal life. He told his fans that will do everything that the General public never learned the name of his girlfriend.

      “Friends, scandals and intrigue, I think it’s great! Personally, I don’t respond to “poop”. Even if I have a girlfriend, I carefully guard our Union and her name you’ll never know. Happiness loves silence” – such high-sounding phrase Denis stopped any attempt of the public to find out about an affair of the heart.

      Fans reacted to the fact that the bard is so kind to his personal life. Some supported a young man in his decision and others upset that will not be able to learn firsthand what the girl they love, but will settle for a rumor.

      “That’s the right word. Few know – sleeping well,” “And after the words “Even if I got a girl” many girls Russia definitely was upset”, “You are absolutely right! The more people who know about the relationship, the worse they then develop,” reflect subscribers in the comments under the post Denis.

      However, the psychic managed to make a lot of noise around his personal life just over a month in the air, “the battle of psychics”. Not so long ago, ex-participant reality show “House-2” Liberi Kadono admitted that broke up with her partner for Denis.

      “I promised you all, when I have relations, I will report you! Meet – introduced the new boyfriend Liberi. “I’m sorry, I can’t hold back anymore,” she turned to Denis. – TNT and connects the perimeter of the heart. Thank you! “The house-2”, “battle of the psychics”, and we are happy.”

      Before that Vysotsky was seen in the arms of the finalists of the previous season of “Battle of psychics” Nicole Kuznetsova. However, the medium disown a romantic relationship with a young mage, and considered indecent to talk about something more between them than friendship. Nicole is a loyal wife and caring mother of two sons.