Тающие патчи, лавандовая массажная плитка и другие бьюти-новинки недели

Lush lavender collection, set to festive makeup melting patches against dark circles under the eyes and lifting effect and other beauty innovations of the week — about all the most interesting talk in our review.

Christmas set of Decadent Dreams, Estee Lauder (4 700 rubles)

Experts Estee Lauder has delivered us from walking to the shops in search of beauty products for a Christmas make. All three essential tools to create an enticing eye makeup in shades of plum you will find a set of Decadent Dreams. In the set “Decadent dreams” entered eyeshadow Pure Color Envy in two shades of Provocative Petal and Currant Desire, mascara to create extreme volume Sumptuous Extreme Extreme Black shade and long-lasting eye pencil Double Wear shade of Burgundy Suede. In this case, all components of a full-sized set, except for a pencil.

Тающие патчи, лавандовая массажная плитка и другие бьюти-новинки недели

The advent calendar “Kaleidoscope of beautiful dreams”, L’occitane (9 300 RUB.)

Advent calendars L’occitane consistently included in the ratings of most-most. This year for the design of a magic box with 24 drawers answered creative Studio brand Castelbajac. In each box you will find miniature soap, gel for a shower oil with almond body lotion Verbena, hand creams with Shea butter, care for hair from the line “Aromacology” and to cleanse the skin. In short, all those bestsellers, which is famous for the brand. Sure to wait and open one window a day — you do not have enough patience, I want everything at once.

Lavender collection Lush (440 rubles).

Located in an authentic French fairy tale and the fragrance of fresh lavender as if just imported from Provence, you can line of Christmas products Lush. “Bomb” bath “Twilight” (vampires anyone has nothing to do) will reveal the hypnotic iridescence of pink, blue and purple, like the twilight sky. Gentle shower gel “Lavender dreams”, which is presented in eco-friendly solid form, and the nourishing lotion will take care of the skin. All thanks to the lavender oil, oil, Shorea (this plant grows in India in the monsoon forests), and the infusion of lavender flowers. Perhaps the most interesting novelties — massage tile “Twilight” with cocoa butter and powder with bright sequins, is made from natural ingredients. A continuous celebration!

Musk eau de Parfum, Etro (14 400 rubles).

Path in the forest, fresh grass, wrapped the damp fallen leaves, the sleepy bark of trees such associations raises new Musk by Etro. The fragrance released in 2004, was released in concentrations of toilet water. Multifaceted fragrance can be simultaneously cold and warm, female and male. Some compare it with White Suede from Tom Ford, but in fact, Musk more citrus, notes of grapefruit and verbena make themselves known at the first breath.

The bottle is still the same (with a sleek silver lid), except that now it is decorated with a blue tassel. Collectible box is decorated by hand with fabrics of the fashion House in two different colors with a classic Paisley print.

Тающие патчи, лавандовая массажная плитка и другие бьюти-новинки недели

Melting patches against dark circles under the eyes and lifting effect Focuspot, Dr. Jart (per couple — 630 RUB.)

We love Dr.Jart over the original file. Recently experts of Korean brand surprised us with alginate masks in the form of cocktails, and recently introduced an unusual melting patches against the circles under the eyes. According to the creators, they contain 4-5 times more active ingredients than regular cream. In the package you will find two sets of patches: the first thin film and the second fabric and impregnated with a special compound. They need to impose on one another. Focuspot Dark Melting Patch promises to get rid of the hated dark circles under the eyes thanks to the Niacinamide, mulberry root extract, honeysuckle flower and fruit zanthoxylum pepper (a species of evergreen shrub). Focuspot Wrinkle Melting Patch that can be applied even to the forehead, will make the skin tone. Inside is a standard set of good anti-ageing cream (seaweed extract, collagen and hyaluronic acid).

Тающие патчи, лавандовая массажная плитка и другие бьюти-новинки недели

Focuspot Pore Melting Patch (the smallest in the series) will be useful to owners of oily skin. Tea tree oil reduces inflammation and acts as an antiseptic, aloe Vera calms the skin and cools it, and extracts of the flowers of the clove tree and horse chestnut seed helps to maintain water balance.

New Blondifier for blondes, L’oreal Professionnel (price is given in the salons)

Amateur blonde know how difficult it is to retain its original shade of hair after coloring. Over time, the color is washed out, begins to lose its luster, appears yellow. To save you from all these misfortunes, the team of L’oreal Professionnel has designed a professional care Blondifier. A choice of cocktails: cold blondes (Cool blonde), warm (warm Blond) and for those who made the highlights or lighten only a few strands of hair (Sun Kissed Blond). How does it work? Right before your eyes in the cabin master will prepare individual hair mask by mixing a neutralizing booster Blondifier with pure pigment (blue/purple/gold) and a nutrition shake Powermix (with vitamin E and Pro-vitamin B5 or complex lipids).

Gamma Blondifier for home care has added ten new berries Assai: here you and a neutralizing shampoo Blondifier Cool, and shampoo for Shine Blondifier Gloss, and balm, and spray to nourish, protect and Shine, as well as fluid additives with the pigments (blue, purple and gold) for use in salon and home.

Limited collection of Nivea Creme (120 RUB.)

Specially for the new season brand Nivea has launched a limited collection of Nivea Creme (in the blue jar) with cute rabbits. Hard to believe, but the remedy has more than a hundred years, and its popularity is only growing. Cream avaricum and panthenol suitable for men’s, women’s and children’s leather, and apply it to any areas of the body. It protects against heat and cold, rain and wind. To test the cream experts brands offer at the rink. For the fifth year Nivea organises social campaign “vote for your rink!” and restores the for rest ice area. So now there’s another reason to go for updated ice rink. Cook soft scarves, sweaters, warm gloves and a nourishing cream.

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