Мелисса Риверс выпустит книгу о своей матери

Melissa rivers, daughter and closest friend of komediantka and TV presenter Joan rivers, who died several years ago due to medical errors. Her daughter is constantly touching mentions it in numerous interviews and strongly supports the memory of his mother, and she is preparing to release a biographical book on Joan, and promises that it will be a bestseller.

About miss rivers said in an exclusive interview with RsdsrOnline.
“I’m currently working on a book “The Joan Rivers Scrapbook”. This trip in fifty years, tells about the career of my mother. Our archive has a lot of pictures, and the most interesting will be in the book and will remind you of the pop culture of each decade. We are with Cooper (son of Melissa – approx.ed.) it was not easy to review photos Joan, but at some point we realized that with them looming over the picture.
I am very excited and looking forward to when the public will see my book. This is a unique way Chronicles the five decades from the point of view of strong women,” said Melissa.
Recall that Joan rivers died after a routine endoscopy in 2014. As it later turned out, the doctor who conducted the examination, did not have an appropriate license. A year later Melissa released “the book of Joan” (“The Joan Rivers Scrapbook”) and won a lawsuit against the clinic, the doctor who sent her mother to the light.