Melanie Griffiths and don Johnson are risking their health for the sake of eternal youth

Мелани Гриффитс и Дон Джонсон рискуют здоровьем ради вечной молодости

What people do for eternal life. And while mere mortals have to put up with old age, the rich and famous do not stop experiments on himself to stay on earth. Edition RadarOnline reports that Hollywood celebrities and former spouses don Johnson and mellani Griffith went to some clinic, where some of the procedure called the “Fountain of youth”, including the injection of stem cells, called if not to rejuvenate patients, then at least to stop them wilting.

Мелани Гриффитс и Дон Джонсон рискуют здоровьем ради вечной молодости
Specialized clinic is located in the Acqua Klinik Leipzig. There’s something Melanie and don were spotted together, while the wife of Johnson Kelly Phleger close not to be seen (maybe she’s not so obsessed with eternal youth, as her husband is the artist). Journalists managed to find out what treatments the stars holds a kind of Dr. Augustinus Bader, who is a Professor involved in stem cell research. According to some reports, she has developed a unique miracle remedy for aging.
According to the insider, the don and Melanie arrived together, and together settled in the same hotel Steigenberger Grandhotel. Until late in the evening none of them left your room. The next day, about four o’clock in the afternoon the couple went to the clinic, which officially deals with the treatment in otolaryngology, and facial plastic surgery.
Media reported that don and Melanie are looking for salvation from old age and found him in the form of new developments Dr. Bader. Originally developed by Professor cream based on stem cells was intended to treat burns and speed up the regeneration of the skin, to stimulate the self healing forces of the body.
“Melanie several times became a victim of plastic surgery and ointment instead of a scalpel for her out” — said the insider.
The publication reports that the last time Griffiths and Johnson saw in Leipzig recently, on January 20. The doctor herself was staying in the same hotel and stayed in their rooms for an hour. Parents probably Dakota Johnson was undergoing treatments without leaving their Suite-rooms.
Recall that Melanie was married to don in 1976, but in 1996 they broke up.

Then Griffiths married Antonio Banderas, whom she divorced in 2014. Fearing that the breakup with her husband may again push Melanie to drink and drugs, don, with whom the actress remained friendly relations, began to support the ex-spouse and the mother of his daughter.
As his ex-wife Dong also had problems with alcohol and illicit drugs, and their salvation considers marriage with his wife Kelly, mother of his three children.